Scented candles

Scented candles with essential oils

Our offer includes scented candles with essential oils. These special candles are pure natural candles, sustainably produced with vegetable fats from organic farming.

Light a scented candle, leave the hectic everyday life behind for a while and say goodbye to stress. The wonderful scent of the candle provides a soothing ambience and pure wellness.
Hardly anything gives a room a cozy atmosphere as quickly as a pleasant fragrance and soft candlelight. Scented candles ennoble our home, caress our soul after a busy day and put every rendezvous in the romantic-right light.

Candles with fragrant wax fill your home with wonderful aromas. Vanilla and rose scents are real classics, lavender and jasmine have a calming effect, invigorating citrus notes bring more freshness to the bathroom or hallway. In winter, spicy Christmas aromas such as gingerbread, cinnamon or fir scent are popular. The choice of scented candles is endless. Choose according to what pleases your nose.

Scented candles

When we created our range of candles, one thing was particularly close to our hearts: the candles should be made of essential oils, sustainably produced with vegetable fats from organic farming. Natural candles that emit a natural scent, do not cause headaches and, above all, do not harm our planet.

In addition to scented candles, we also offer natural room sprays from Provence, pretty scented pillows for your laundry and special eau des toilettes.

Scents enchant our surroundings, and can conjure up another world just as strongly as images. That's because scents are deeply embedded in our subconscious and directly evoke feelings and memories of the places, people or times we associate them with.

Another little tip from us:
Scented candles should be left lit for at least an hour each time they are used, only then will they burn evenly. Always keep the wick quite short to prevent smoke development.

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Il Molino Canino - 500 ml - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Organic

Spicy and well balanced

Origin: Italy

Variety: Canino

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