Olive OIl Award Winner

Olive oil Award winner and best olive oils in the test

Here is a brief overview of our olive oil award winners. Some of our oils are considered "the best olive oil in test". However, the critical question must be allowed, whether an olive oil test also always produces the best olive oil. On the search for a good olive oil a test helps certainly further.

Numerous oils receive awards for their excellence in independent tests. In Germany, the following olive oil testers stand for this: Stiftung Warentest, Öko Test and "Der Feinschmecker". Whereby the "Stiftung Warentest Olivenöl" is the most renowned among the labels and enjoys a high reputation as the olive oil test winner. The best olive oil in the test is of course also subject to subjective taste influences.

Olive OIl Award Winner

At the international level, olive oil and therefore a test olive oil has a much higher importance. The following awards and competitions for olive oils are particularly noteworthy.

Olive oil award winners from these international institutes are real top products and can be counted as the best olive oil in the world or among the best olive oils in the world. 

Award institutes at a glance

  • "FLOS OLEI" Test Olive Oil from - Italy
  • NYIOOC - The New York Olive Oil Competition - USA
  • Los Angeles International Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition - USA
  • Very well known in France - Les Olivalies - F
  • LIOOC in England - London International Olive Oil Competition - GB

The best olive oils are not easy to find and if you are like most people, you have probably never tasted a truly outstanding extra virgin olive oil. The good news is that once you've tasted a high quality olive oil, your life will never be the same. Fresh olive oil combines with the flavors of food and forms a bridge to your taste buds, increasing the deliciousness of your creation to a level you never imagined.

So that you can save yourself this effort of your own olive oil test, we have already made a pre-selection for you. Convince yourself of the excellent quality of the olive oils available in our store. Browse through the individual olive oil test winner offers and discover your personal taste favorite. The best Mediterranean pleasure awaits you.

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Best organic olive oil cold pressed ISUL DOP 500ml

Best organic olive oil cold pressed DOP - by ISUL

  • Origin: Spain

Very mild olive oil recommended by the "Feinschmecker"

12.90 / bottle(s) *
Old price 14.40 €
1 l = 25.80 €
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Test Winner Duo Olive Oils Economy Package 2X500ml

Test Winner Olive Oils in a 2 Pack shop online now

  • Italian + Spanish olive oil

Best Olive Oil in Set 2x500 ml medium fruity

29.99 *
Old price 39.50 €
You save 24 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Soler Romero Picual Olivenöl Edition First Day 500 ml

Soler Romero Edition First Day Harvest Picual Olive Oil Organic cultivation 

  • Origin: Spain

Stiftung Warentest test winner organic olive oil

15.75 / bottle(s) *
Old price 17.90 €
1 l = 31.50 €
You save 12 %
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Test winner olive oils from Spain in economy pack 2X500ml

Test winner oliveoils from Spain in big sale pack - balanced fruity


Spanish olive oil best world class in the favorable set 2x500 ml

28.99 *
Old price 36.50 €
You save 21 %
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Test winner olive oils from Italy in economy pack 2X500ml

Testwinner olive oils from Italy in a Duo Pack

  • Italy

Buy Italian top class olive oils online - Sale

29.99 *
Old price 36.60 €
You save 18 %

Test winner organic olive oil La Valle CLASSICO 500ml

Organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil from first pressing

  • Origin: Italy

The fruity olive oil with high polyphenol content

16.95 / bottle(s) *
Old price 18.90 €
1 l = 33.90 €
You save 10 %
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Test Winner Olive Oil La Valle DON CICCIO Bio 500ml

Test winner olive oil DON CICCIO Extra Vergine Early Harvest from Calabria

  • Origin: Italy

Fruity organic olive oil with distinctive notes

17.95 / bottle(s) *
Old price 20.50 €
1 l = 35.90 €
You save 12 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

New Organic Olive Oil Caminos Hojiblanca First Harvest 2 L Can

Premium Organic Olive Oil Hojiblanca Caminos in a cheap 2L Canister

  • Origin: Spain

Andalusian olive oil fresh and fruity. Highest quality

42.95 / Can(s) *
Old price 47.90 €
1 l = 21.48 €
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