Fruity olive oil

Fruity extra virgin olive oil medium intense

This is what good olive oils taste like. The best olive oil is defined by two primary flavor components

  • Bitterness 
  • Pungency

This depends in particular on the time of harvest of the olive (early or late), as well as on the olive variety. Medium fruity olive oil is absolutely balanced. Pleasant sharpness in the throat combined with subtle bitterness.

Fruity olive oil

The all-rounder among cold-pressed oils.

Medium fruity olive oil with the perfect harmony of bitterness and pungency - the favorite oil of connoisseurs.

This all-rounder among oils brings its own personal touch to dishes without dominating other flavors. This makes it ideal for cooking and frying, and it is also the oil of choice for delicious salad dressings. 

By the way, it is also perfect for dipping - seasoned with a little salt and fresh pepper from the mill. Mmmmh! Fantastic!

In addition, ideal for healthy eating: high-quality medium fruity olive oil contains a large number of polyphenols, which are said to have numerous, positive properties.

Our olive oil wiki for fruity olive oils at a glance:

✓ Very early olive harvest at the optimal harvest time ("envero" in Spanish).

✓ Best suited as an olive oil dip

✓ Results in a polyphenol-rich olive oil

✓ Absolute all-round olive oil for cooking and frying

✓ As salad oil the favorite

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Spanish oliveoil Duo 2x500ml on sale

Spanish organic olive oil special offer 2x500ml best quality

  • Origin: SPAIN

Best olive oil from Spain on sale

22.99 *
Old price 32.30 €
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Extra virgin organic olive oil Il Molino Canino 500ml

Il Molino Organic Olive oil extra virgin cold pressed

  • Origin: Italy

The medium fruity Extra Class

14.85 / bottle(s) *
Old price 16.70 €
1 l = 29.70 €
You save 11 %

DeOrtegas Coupage cold pressed organic olive oil 500ml

Cold pressed olive oil DeOrtegas Coupage-the balanced.

  • Origin: Spain

Flos Olei olive oil test 96 points out of 100, world class.

13.95 / bottle(s) *
Old price 15.40 €
1 l = 27.90 €
You save 9 %

Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil Discount Pack 2x 500ml

Cold pressed organic olive oil DuoDiscount package

  • Origin: Spain / Italy

Best organic olive oil cold pressed on sale

23.45 *
Old price 34.30 €
You save 32 %

Testwinner olive oil DeOrtegas Hojiblanca Organic 500 ml

Test winner extra virgin olive oil DeOrtegas Hojiblanca. Unique taste

  • Origin: Spain

Best olive oil with 98/100 points in the test

18.45 / bottle(s) *
Old price 20.90 €
1 l = 36.90 €
You save 12 %

Mancini italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil from first pressing

  • Origin: Italy

The fruity olive oil with high polyphenol content

15.95 / bottle(s) *
Old price 19.90 €
1 l = 31.90 €
You save 20 %

Organic Olive Oil Casas de Hualdo Ecologico 500 ml

Organic olive oil Casas de Hualdo Ecologico from organic farming 

  • Origin: Spain

Buy cold pressed olive oil online, medium fruity

13.95 / bottle(s) *
Old price 15.90 €
1 l = 27.90 €
You save 12 %

Mancini Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 Liter Can

Organic extra virgin olive oil in 3 liter can protected from light.

  • Origin: Italy

Fruity oil with high polyphenol content in a can

54.95 / Can(s) *
Old price 61.90 €
1 l = 18.32 €
You save 11 %

Test Winner Olive Oil La Valle DON CICCIO Bio 500ml

Test winner olive oil DON CICCIO Extra Vergine Early Harvest from Calabria

  • Origin: Italy

Fruity organic olive oil with distinctive notes

17.95 / bottle(s) *
Old price 20.50 €
1 l = 35.90 €
You save 12 %

Organic Olive Oil Caminos Hojiblanca First Harvest 2 L Can

Premium Organic Olive Oil Hojiblanca Caminos in a cheap 2L Canister

  • Origin: Spain

Andalusian olive oil fresh and fruity. Highest quality

42.95 / Can(s) *
Old price 47.90 €
1 l = 21.48 €
You save 10 %

Organic Olive Oil Il Molino Limited Edition 500 ml

Olio Extra Vergine Olive Oil Limited Edition. Organic oil of the upper class

  • Origin: Italy

 Best olive oil from centuries old olive trees

18.45 / bottle(s) *
Old price 20.90 €
1 l = 36.90 €
You save 12 %
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