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Best sparkling wine Veuve Moisans blanc BRUT dry 750 ml

sparkling wine Veuve Moisans blanc BRUT for connoisseurs

  • Origin: France, Charente

French sparkling wine brut fruity dry with a gentle note

12.75 / bottle(s) *
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1 l = 17.00 €
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Rosé Sparkling Wine Veuve Moisans Dry Cuvée 750 ml

Rosé sparkling wine Veuve Moisans DRY with extra fruity note

  • Origin: France, Charente

French sparkling wine dry with refreshing bouquet

12.75 / bottle(s) *
Old price 14.90 €
1 l = 17.00 €
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Cava Carlota Suria Brut Nature Organic Sparkling wine 750 ml

Cava Carlota Suria Spanish Premium Organic Sparkling Wine Brut Nature

  • Origin: SPAIN

"The Spanish Crémant" with fine perlage

12.95 / bottle(s) *
Old price 14.50 €
1 l = 17.27 €
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Pago de Tharsys Rosado Brut - 750 ml - 750 ml

Spanish premium sparkling wine Cava Reserva Brut Nature

  • Origin: Spain

The Spanish organic champagne with a wonderful perlage

24.40 / bottle(s) *
Old price 29.00 €
1 l = 32.53 €
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Sparkling Wine

Champagne, cava, sparkling wine

Sparkling wine, Spanish name Cava, is a real sparkling wine, the Spanish champagne. Buy your quality sparkling wine here with us. "Champagne makes you feel that every day is a Sunday!", raved the wonderful Marlene Dietrich. And how right she is after all. When it's a special day or there is something to celebrate, we like to reach for the sparkling wine Cava.

  • At this point, allow us to refer to the Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) - § 9 Alcoholic Beverages. 

Sparkling wine is better known under its various product names: in Germany and Austria we say Winzersekt to the high-quality representatives. The French call it Champagne and Crémant, and in Spain the well-known Winzersekt is known as Cava.

Also very popular and well-known here is the Italian Prosecco, which can be found in the stores and restaurants partly as "Spumante", i.e. sparkling wine, but also as "Frizzante" sparkling wine. Only products from the French Champagne region, which are produced according to the "méthode champenoise", may be called Champagne. 

We were particularly taken with the sparkling drink from Spain. In particular, the special area of Requena near Valencia, which is a protected area with designation of origin DO Requena.

Our cavas are made, for example, from the white grape varieties Parallada and Chardonnay. Each grape variety delivers its own special aroma, so that the sparkling wine convinces with a fine elegance and class as well as a distinctive character. 

Not only on special occasions you will always find opportunities to drink such a delicious glass of Cava. Spanish Cava is suitable for many occasions and goes perfectly with numerous dishes.  Since the Cavas often have significantly less acidity than a champagne, not only experts are of the opinion, it can be drunk gladly a glass more of this drink of the gods and more often! The Spanish sparkling wine is ideal as an elegant aperitif before a meal or as a lively summer drink. It is best to enjoy dry "brut" Cava in a champagne flute and a drinking temperature of six degrees. The semi-dry "semi secco" and sweeter varieties at four degrees so drink ice cold and are a great companion to cheese and desserts. 

We have lost our pleasure heart to Limonsecco. Here Spanish Cava is mixed with the lemon liqueur Limoncello. Wonderfully fruity, tangy and a great summer cocktail.

More info in our little encyclopedia about sparkling wine, champagne, cava: >>> just click here ✅ !