Senatore Capelli Organic Fusilli Durum Wheat Pasta 250gr

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Senatore Capelli Organic Fusilli Durum Wheat Pasta. Best Italian pasta, handmade durum wheat pasta. Spiral pasta made from Senatore Cappelli durum wheat. True artisan fusilli are made by bronze pressing, which makes the surface of the rigatoni wrinkled and rough.

This peculiarity allows Italian pasta such as organic fusilli to absorb and retain the sauce in the best possible way and is particularly suitable for full-bodied sauces.

Origin: Italy

Our Bio Fusilli are original Italian pasta, the best Italian pasta from traditional production from the pasta factory from the family farm. The il Molino organic fusilli are made purely by hand from locally grown Senatore Capelli wheat. The pasta dough is pressed exclusively over bronze molds and then dried at extremely low temperatures between 38° and 40°C. The result is a high quality product with an expressive taste.

Organic Fusilli at a glance:

  • BIO cereals "Senatore Cappelli" from our own cultivation
  • handmade from pasta factory
  • rough surface structure
  • pressed through bronze molds

Selected durum wheat and fresh spring water are processed into dough, which is then slowly pressed at low temperatures through bronze dies. The rigatoni are then air-dried at low temperatures for up to 92 hours.

The exceptionally tasty pasta of il Molino is the result of the right choice of durum wheat semolina (grown on the farm), crystal clear and uncontaminated spring water, the use of bronze molds and the gentle drying process. These characteristics give rise to a pasta that stands out for its roughness and consistency, as well as its balanced taste and subtle wheat fragrance. The best Italian pasta that will please even the most refined and demanding palates.

Why bronze pressing ? Drawing through bronze molds is a very important phase in pasta production to obtain a good quality of the final product. Once the dough is made, it is drawn in the appropriate forming "dies". The dies are exclusively bronze tools that are used to give the pasta a rough surface by determining its shape. The dough is pressed against the die, allowing the dough to come out with the specific shapes thanks to shaped holes. During the extrusion phase, the bronze of the dies manages to retain the dough at the points of contact with the die itself. This creates micro-unevenness that allows the cooked pasta to easily capture and hold the sauce and seasonings. The increase in contact surface with the taste buds improves the flavor characteristics of the raw materials and preserves the typical aroma of wheat.

Why Senatore Capelli wheat ?
Today's modern, industrial wheat varieties are mostly highly bred, genetically modified and designed for maximum yield. Their nutritional value may rightly be doubted. Even organic cultivation of these overbred varieties does not make the wheat any better.
Senatore Cappelli, on the other hand, is an ancient cross-breed of pure, genetically unmodified Italian native wheat varieties (similar to spelt and emmer) that is over 100 years old and was named after Senatore Cappelli (the provincial governor and agricultural reformer of the time) in his honor. This is an autumn durum wheat variety, which, although much lower in yield, is well adapted to the climatic conditions of southern Italy. It is also lower in calories, higher in protein and more digestible than many other wheat varieties.

Il Molino - the producer: Annalisa Torzelli, olive oil producer and farmer with passion and heart. Annalisa's grandparents were already farmers who devoted all their labor to the cultivation of olives and the production of olive oil. In the meantime, she has completely taken over her grandparents' estate and built her own olive oil mill.  She immediately decided to go for consistent organic farming. Annalisa is also a recognized olive oil taster, which underlines your competence. In addition to olives, organic grain of the ancient Senatore Cappelli variety is grown and processed into the best Italian pasta through a small pasta factory. Annalisa is an advocate of pure, unadulterated and authentic food, a philosophy that is reflected in the quality and taste of her products.

* Durum wheat semolina (Senatore Capelli wheat).
* water

! Note: Contains gluten.

Average nutrients per 100gr

Calorific value 1570 kJ (370 kcal)
Carbohydrates 78,0 gr
of which sugar 3,4 gr
Protein 12,5 gr
Fat 0,9 gr
*of which saturated fatty acids 0,1 gr
Salt 0,002 gr

Responsable Producer: 
Olio il Molino Soc. Agr. Sciuga s.s.;  
Via del Lago km 5
01027 Montefiascone (VT)


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