Saryane Aleppo Soap Liquid Shower Soap 40/60 Refill 1L

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Aleppo soap as liquid shower soap, original liquid olive oil soap, especially valuable with 40% laurel oil. Buy Syrian Laurel Soap from EUR 15.99. Buy Aleppo liquid soap WITHOUT palm oil with best organic olive oil (60%) and laurel oil (40%) here at SeifenShop. Pure vegetable from traditional production.

Origin: France

Pure olive soaps are extremely rare, as most manufacturers like to mix the more expensive olive oil with the much cheaper palm oil or coconut oil.  Saryane Aleppo soap, however, is a pure natural soap and is handmade in cauldrons according to a traditional recipe by a Syrian soap master. Sustainable and made exclusively with olive oil and laurel oil. 

THE BEST FROM NATURE: Natural and authentic body care.

  • Natural soap biodegradable
  • WITHOUT palm oil
  • Based on 60% BIO olive oil and 40% laurel oil (pure vegetable)
  • WITHOUT chemical additives, WITHOUT fragrances
  • WITHOUT animal testing

Soaps made from olive oil wash and care for the skin very gently.

Fragrance: Neutral - pure and natural without perfumes.

Application: For frequent and regular washing of the skin, hair, face, hands and body. Aleppo soap with olive oil and laurel oil is also ideal as a hair soap.

Made according to the traditional recipe of Aleppo soap, the Aleppo liquid soap is produced according to the traditional method of saponification by boiling the oils to obtain a soap rich in essential fatty acids contained in the precious oils of olive and laurel. The result is a pure natural soap obtained from the original saponified blend: 40% laurel oil and 60% virgin organic olive oil.

The olive oil softens and nourishes the skin without drying or irritating it. The oil of laurel brings its purifying virtues to the whole body.
It is suitable for all skin types.
All 100% natural: no dye, no perfume. The Saryane liquid Aleppo soap is especially recommended for face and body, can also be used for hair washing.

The manufacturer: The company - "Saryane - Olive et Moi "is a small, French company from near Lyon. The owner and founder, Monsieur Sarkissian is a pioneer of natural cosmetics who has put his ideals into practice. The soap manufactory offers high-quality products and respects tradition. Only extra virgin olive oil is used. Without animal fats or parabens. The products are made by a Syrian soapmaker in his own manufactory in France.

Ingredients INCI: Aqua (water), Olea europea oil (olive oil 60%), laurus nobilis fruit oil (laurel oil 40%), potassium hydroxide**.

** Sodium hydroxyde (caustic soda) is needed for saponification.

Contents: 1 litre bottle with screw cap 

Registered in the official and mandatory Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) of the EU.

Responsible manufacturer: 
SARYANE - Olive et Moi


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