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Luffa sponge large with terry buy cheap from € 5.40. The Luffa sponge glove is a pure natural sponge and a body care all-rounder. It cleanses the skin and massages at the same time.

Hammam glove for beauty, wellness, peeling and body care, a piece of oriental bathing culture for your home.

Origin: FRANCE

The loofah bath sponge is the inside of the loofah or sponge gourd. Dry it feels rough and hard, as soon as it gets wet its fibers become softer. As a massage sponge, it thoroughly but gently removes dead skin cells. The classic bathing utensil In the hammams of the Middle East.

Our large loofah bath mitt is made of fabric and natural sponge, which are sewn together. Can be used on both sides.

Best used with our Aleppo soap or Aleppo shower gel.  

Info Luffa - Loofah: The sponge gourd (Luffa aegyptiaca, often also Luffa cylindrica) is a useful plant of the Old World, which belongs to the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae). The sponge gourd is used in the Western world almost exclusively as a so-called loofah: The fibrous interior of the (ripe) fruit serves as a massage and bath sponge.

THE BEST FROM NATURE: Natural and authentic body care

  • Manufactured product
  • Shower sponge from nature
  • Made from the sponge gourd (Luffa aegyptiaca)

Practical to use as a loofah glove.

The manufacturer: the company - "Saryane - Olive et Moi " is a small French company located near Lyon. The owner and founder, Monsieur Sarkissian is a pioneer of natural cosmetics who has put his ideals into practice. The soap manufactory offers high quality products and respects tradition. Only extra virgin olive oil is used. Without animal fats or parabens. All products of "Olive et Moi" are produced in the own manufactory in France.

In addition to its own soap production, Mr. Sarkissian's company Saryane is also an importer of genuine Aleppo soaps from Syria. Soap for Hope: Despite current adversities, he supports the people on the ground and thus makes a positive contribution to ensure the people a livelihood and offer a perspective. 

Content: 1 X loofah glove hygienically packed in foil.

Responsible manufacturer: 


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