Aleppo soap set 2x 200gr 5-20 with loofah soap cushion

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Aleppo soap set 2x 200gr 5% - 20% laurel oil including a loofah soap cushion 100% biodegradable. Now on sale with 19% savings. Original Syrian soaps are 100% vegetable. Made in the soap manufactory now additionally with Luffa soap cushion at a special price.

Aleppo soaps, natural bath soap including soap cushion made from the Luffa cucumber (100% vegetable) at a savings price - 100% natural. Discover your oriental spa experience in a practical set. Two different Aleppo soaps as hand soap or bath soap. Suitable for hands, face and body. Plus a practical Loofah soap cushion. Prevents scratches on the soap tray or in the shower. In addition, it can be used as a sponge to clean up soap residue.

Origin: The soaps come directly from Syria

  • Manufactured products
  • Traditional production according to original Aleppo recipe
  • Aleppo soaps based on pure vegetable oils (100%)
  • genuine loofah soap cushion - soap holder plastic free - 100% biodegradable

The set consists of 2 pieces of Aleppo soaps, each with 5% laurel oil / 95% olive oil and 20% laurel oil with 80% olive oil. The soaps are hygienically packed in foil. The economy set is composed as follows:

  • 1 X Syrian Aleppo soap 5/95 olive oil laurel oil Saryane 200gr (with 5% laurel oil and 95% olive oil).
  • 1 X Syrian Aleppo soap 20/80 olive oil laurel oil Saryane 200gr (with 20% laurel oil and 80% olive oil)
  • 1 X Luffa soap dish (plastic free) - biodegradable soap pad

Info Aleppo soap, also Syrian laurel soap, Arabic Sapun Ghar, is a soap made in and around Aleppo from olive oil and from a variable proportion of the fatty oil of berries (and possibly leaves) of the true laurel. Moreover, since the product is made without dyes, artificial flavors, perfumes, stabilizers or other synthetic substances, Aleppo soap is one of the 100% natural soaps.

Application: For frequent and regular washing of the skin, face, hands and body (combination to oily skin). Aleppo soap with olive oil and laurel oil is also ideal as a hair soap.

The loofah soap deposit is the inside of the loofah cucumber also called lofah or sponge gourd. Dry it feels rough and hard, once it gets wet its fibers become softer. 

Info Loofah: The sponge gourd (Loofah, Luffa aegyptiaca, often also Luffa cylindrica) is an Old World crop plant belonging to the gourd family(Cucurbitaceae). The sponge gourd is used in the Western world almost as a so-called loofah or filing: Through fibrous inside, the filing also serves as a cleaning sponge.

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Contents: 2 single soaps à 200gr hygienically wrapped in celophane and + 1 x soap tray plastic-free packaging.

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