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Aleppo soap shower gel purely vegetable WITHOUT palm oil, with 85% organic olive oil and 15% laurel oil. Buy here online. Made according to traditional Aleppo method. Vegan soap for showering 100% biodegradable from organic olive oil and laurel oil.

Pure, natural olive oil cosmetics. 

Origin: Provence

Welcome to Royal, the natural brand for premium Aleppo body care products! We proudly present our Aleppo Soap Shower Gel, which pampers your skin with the soothing properties of 15% laurel oil and 85% olive oil.

Our Aleppo soap shower gel is a real treasure for your skin. The harmonious combination of laurel oil and olive oil offers you a gentle cleansing and revitalizes your skin at the same time. Every drop of this Aleppo soap shower gel gives you a refreshing yet pampering shower experience that leaves your skin glowing.

With 15% laurel oil, your skin is enveloped in soothing moisture. Laurel oil is known for its soothing properties and provides lasting care even for dry and sensitive skin. The olive oil it contains provides an additional portion of nutrients.

Aleppo soap shower bath with ORGANIC olive oil, the original "Savon douche Alep Bio" from the soap manufactory Tomelea is a natural manufactory product, certified by Ecocert. Best for your body hygiene. The Aleppo soap as the basic component for this organic shower soap is made in cauldrons, according to traditional recipes. Sustainable and only with the best olive oil and laurel oil. 

Application: For regular washing of the skin. A shower soap for gentle and natural body hygiene.

THE BEST FROM NATURE: Natural and authentic body care.

  • Soap for shower from traditional production
  • Based on 85% olive oil and 15% laurel oil
  • 100% vegetable, biodegradable
  • 100% organic, vegan and animal-free, ECOCERT certified
  • Liquid shower soap Without parabens and silicones
  • Free of colorants and preservatives

Soap scent: neutral

Pure olive oil soaps are extremely rare, as most manufacturers like to mix the more expensive olive oil and even more valuable laurel oil with the much cheaper palm oil or coconut oil, or even replace them with these.  However, this Aleppo shower gel is a pure natural soap and is handmade in Provence according to a traditional recipe. Sustainable and made exclusively with olive oil and laurel oil. 

The Manufacturer: 
The small Savonnerie ENSA Bio Cosmétique is a classic, traditional family business from Toulon, the original soap capital of France. The Schembri family, father and son, are now the second generation to run this traditional business. In the beginning, M. Schembri Senior only produced Aleppo soaps directly in Syria. Increasing European requirements led to the relocation of the production to Toulon.
With the entrance of the son the range was extended by Ecocert olive oil bio cosmetics from own production.  Best, certified natural cosmetics, respect for the environment and nature, that is the maxim of the manufacturer. Predominantly local raw materials are used, which the Provence offers richly. Production takes place directly on site. If you are planning a vacation nearby, the Schembri family looks forward to your visit.
Ingredients INCI: Aqua, potassium olivate (saponified organic olive oil), potassium laurus nobilis fruit oil (saponified laurel oil), glycerol (vegetarian), olea europea fruit oil (organic olive oil), laurus nobilis fruit oil (organic laurel oil), sodium chloride, potassium hydroxide

Content: 250 ml bottle with practical pump cap

Responsible manufacturer: 


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