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Real Aleppo Hair Soap with Rosemary Essential Oil up shop here online at best price. Soap WITHOUT palm oil and biodegradable, with 92% olive oil, 8% laurel oil.

Aleppo olive oil soap, test winner in 06/2020 buy now cheap. The real laurel soap from the soap manufactory, a plant soap from traditional production.

Origin: Turkey / Germany

Application: For frequent and regular hair washing with soap.

Soap scent: Neutral

Rosemary oil - Rosmarini aetheroleum:
Rosemary oil promotes blood circulation in the scalp, regulates too greasy or too dry hair when used regularly and prevents dandruff. The essential oil components 1,8-cineole (16 to 55%) and camphor (5 to 15%) are mainly responsible for the effect of rosemary oil. 

The beauty secret of the Middle East. Treat yourself and your largest organ, your skin, to natural care. 

THE BEST FROM NATURE: Natural and authentic body care.

Manufakturprodukt - Handmade soap production

  • Based on 92% olive oil and 8% laurel oil (pure vegetable)
  • Enriched with rosemary essential oil
  • Natural soap biodegradable
  • WITHOUT palm oil
  • WITHOUT chemical additives, WITHOUT animal testing
  • Hygienically packed with foil and banderole

Base info Aleppo soap, laurel soap

Arabic Sapun Ghar, French Savon d'Alep, Spanish Castile soap (jabon castillano) is a soap originally produced in and around Aleppo from olive oil and from a variable proportion of the fatty oil of berries of the true laurel. This natural soap is produced without dyes, artificial flavors, perfumes, stabilizers or other synthetic substances. Today, however, the term Aleppo soaps stands less for geographical origin and more for a precisely defined manufacturing process with prescribed ingredients.

Pure olive soaps, laurel soaps are extremely rare, because most manufacturers like to mix the more expensive olive oil and laurel oil with the much cheaper palm oil or coconut oil, or replace them completely. Royal Aleppo soap, on the other hand, is a pure natural soap and is handcrafted in cauldrons according to a traditional recipe. Sustainable and made exclusively with olive oil and laurel oil. 

The manufacturer: Pearl Soap Syria is the family business of Mr. Talal Anis. Part of the production still takes place in Aleppo, the hair soaps and molded soaps have been outsourced to neighboring Turkey due to the war, about 50 km from Aleppo to nearby Gaziantep. The soaps are imported and packed for the European market by the company Treibholz / Finigrana.


Ingredients INCI: Sodium Olivate (saponified olive oil), Sodium Cocoate (saponified coconut oil), Sodium Laurelate (saponified laurel oil), Sodium Almonate (saponified almond oil), Aqua (water), Sodium Wheat Germate (saponified wheat germ oil), Vegetable Glycerin* (pure vegetable. Glycerin), Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil (rosemary essential oil - gently extracted by steam distillation), (limonene**, linalool**) *derives naturally from the saponification process ** fragrances/allergens contained in the essential oil

Content: piece of 100gr with banderole

Responsible manufacturer: 
Pearl Aleppo Soap
Mr. Talal Anis
Aleppo - Syria


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