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Pizza wheel with wooden handle. Buy this inexpensive, sustainable pizza wheel online here. This pizza cutter is a practical and stylish wooden kitchen utensil with a practical handle made of real rubber wood.

The plastic-free, sustainable alternative to traditional pizza rollers, most of which are made of plastic.

Origin: International

Beautifully designed pizza roller, pizza cutter with handy wooden handle. Linked to a sharp metal wheel for a comfortable and low effort cutting of pizza, pizza bread, tarte flambée, puff pastry or sheet cake.

A natural kitchen gadget that combines design, nature as well as sustainability. Versatile cutting tool.

  • Made of real rubber wood
  • Very easy to clean!
  • Pure manufactory product
  • From sustainable timber industry
  • versatile usable
  • sustainable kitchen utensil without plastic


Length approx. 16 cm
width approx. 6,5 cm

Each product is characterized by grain and individual growth of the wood and therefore unique.

  • Care instructions:

We recommend that you follow these simple care instructions:

  • Do not put in the dishwasher under any circumstances 
  • Always clean by hand with a cloth or soft sponge and a little dishwashing liquid in lukewarm water.
  • Caution: Hot water can tear the wood
  • Do not allow to drip, but wipe dry immediately with a cloth
  • Rub thoroughly with a paper towel soaked in olive oil


Rubberwood Info: The perfect natural material for sophisticated products.

Rubberwood is the wood of the rubber tree. It owes its name to the most famous product that can be made with the help of the tree: Rubber. This is called "rubber" in English. As a material for building structures and furniture, Rubberwood is sought after for its robustness. Depending on the method of measurement, it reaches a hardness that is up to 50% higher than that of oak wood. The external characteristics of Rubberwood include its yellowish-white hue, which appears bright and warm, and its uniform structure with fine wood rays and straight pore grooves. With its insensitivity to moisture, it is also ideally suited for making kitchen utensils.

Sustainability Rubberwood: The rubberwood, which is not related to the commonly known houseplant, forms a sought-after raw material. Hevea brasiliensis, as it is known in botany, grows mainly on plantations in Asia. The three largest producing countries in the so-called "rubber belt" are Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Here, the rubberwood falls as a by-product of rubber production. The milky sap (latex) required for the production of natural rubber is tapped from the bark of the rubber tree. The old trees are then felled and mainly processed into lumber; in the past, the trunks were usually left to rot unused. Today, the high-quality residual wood is used for further processing into solid products, especially in the furniture industry.

Content: 1 X Wooden Pizza Cutter Metal Wheel with Wooden Handle


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