Marseille solid dishwashing soap bicarbonate 120gr

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1 kg = 24.58 €

Marseille dish soap, the solid dishwashing detergent with bicarbonate removes grease and lime. Buy cheap online here from € 2.60. Cleans your dishes extra thoroughly. Eco dishwashing detergents are extra durable, practical and effective. The solid soap for home use, ideal for daily washing up. Economical, ecological and waste-free.

Sustainable dish soap for less waste and a plastic-free, green lifestyle. By the way, solid dishwashing soap cleans just as effectively and easily as your liquid dishwashing liquid.

Origin: Provence / Marseille

Soap scent: neutral, WITHOUT perfume.

You will receive a traditional Marseille dishwashing soap according to the original recipe with 100% vegetable oil.

Solid dish soap is a real asset in a kitchen without waste. Put an end to waste and overconsumption of detergents. Only use as much dishwashing liquid as you really need.

  • Manufactured product from traditional production
  • enriched with bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate)
  • especially active against lime and grease
  • also suitable as household soap
  • based on pure vegetable oils
  • Eco dishwashing liquid waste-free

With a solid dishwashing soap save our valuable fresh water and at the same time avoid a lot of packaging waste.

Bicarbonate: The exact scientific name is sodium hydrogen carbonate. This household chemical is better known as baking soda or baking soda. A traditional all-rounder that has been somewhat forgotten as a household remedy. Is known for its particularly deep and fat-soluble cleaning effect.

In the past, people only used baking soda for household cleaning - nowadays it is almost an insider tip again. The application areas of sodium bicarbonate are extremely versatile, so that it should not be missing in any household.

HOW TO USE: This is how you use the solid dish soap:
1. moisten the eco rinsing sponge normally.
2. rub the sponge on the dishwashing soap until it foams a little.
3. once the foam has started to form, you can start washing the dishes. Simply clean the kitchen utensils as you would with your regular dish soap.
4. then rinse the dishes with clean water, dry with our cotton dishcloth and you're done.

Our original French soaps from Provence come directly from the soap manufactory. A perfect choice for everyday use.

Manufacturer: the company - the soap manufactory FouFour Savonette de Marseille: the Marseille family business was founded in the 90s by Nicole and Bernard in the 9th arrondissement of Marseille. Their goal was to create a product worthy of the name "Savon de Marseille". The resulting original quality soap with the seal "Savon de Marseille" became thanks to the family again a product of everyday life as a high-quality alternative to the industrial liquid soaps...
Initially, the production began in the kitchen of the family apartment. The sale of the manufactory soap was initially in the markets and fairs in the region of Marseille. The popularity of the soaps quickly exceeded the borders of Provence. In the meantime, sales are made throughout France, even abroad. A success story based on quality and passion.

Meanwhile, the sons Sébastien and Julien are also in the company, as well as 8 other employees. Today, the total company consists of 12 employees who produce French quality soaps in a new savonnerie (soap workshop) on 1,000 square meters in a suburb of Marseille.

Ingredients INCI: sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, aqua (water), sodium bicarbonate, palm kernel acid, sodium chloride, glycerin, tetrasodium EDTA, tetrasodium etidronate.

Content: 120 gr bar of soap with paper band

Responsible manufacturer: 
La Savonette Marseillaise


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