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Best Spanish olive oil from Extremadura. Cold-pressed, pure Picual olive oil of the top class, balanced in taste from EUR 10,99 buy.

Test winner olive oil of the highest quality class extra virgin with best price-pleasure ratio.

Origin: Spain, Extremadura

Olive varieties: Picual
Harvest time: End of October

The oil is characterized by an extremely low acidity (< 0.20%) and a very high content of tocopherols.

This olive oil has already received so many awards, so many awards would like to see some Hollywood actors!

  • Top 50 of the "World's Best Olive Oils
  • Gold Medal "Toshiya Tada Special Award" (2nd Best of Show) in "Olive Japan
  • 1st prize "Ovibeja" medium fruity
  • Top 100 Evolution Awards
  • Gold medal in Mezquita awards

And you know what else is really good about this extra virgin olive oil from Spain? Here the price-performance ratio is 100 percent right!

Gourmet pleasure

The special thing about the "MM Gourmet" olive oil from Molero Maza is on the one hand undoubtedly its distinctly full-bodied taste. Like no other oil, it captivates with its initially fruity, then slightly spicy olive note. The gourmet olive oil is deservedly award-winning.

Secondly, this olive oil is produced only in limited quantities. Here, the olives used for this Spanish extra virgin olive oil are truly still handpicked.
The extraction is done cold at less than 22 ° C to preserve the flavors as much as possible.

When you will open the dark glass bottle, green aromas of apple, green almond and green banana will fly towards you. 

Producer: MM MOLERO MAZA : The olive tradition dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the family business already had olive groves and a mill where the oil was extracted using traditional methods (cold pressing with stone).

The oil mill Molero Maza is a pure family business dedicated to the extraction and subsequent marketing of extra virgin olive oil. The olives are grown independently in the family's olive groves on the estates "Valdemaderos", "Caballeros" and "El Avión".

The Valdemaderos olive grove, which is over 150 years old, is located in the Sierra de San Serván in the Tierras de Mérida region. It is an ecological olive grove where we can find some majestic specimens of varieties (Morisca, Carraqueña, Verdial, Pico Limón ...).

The olive grove Caballeros is located in the Badajo region of Tierra de Barros. This is an olive grove of the autochthonous variety Carrasqueña. It has a drip irrigation system that provides the amount of water required by the olive tree. With this irrigation system, a significant reduction in water consumption is achieved, which is a relief to the aquifers and therefore a benefit to the environment.

El Avión Olive Grove is located in the heart of the Las Vegas Bajas del Guadiana region and has a drip irrigation system that provides the amount of nutrients that the olive tree needs at any time; and it is respectful of the environment.

Starting from the field to the oil mill Molero Maza, the family is respectful of the environment. Sustainability and resource conservation are at the top of the value scale. Together with modern two-phase techniques for oil extraction, where by-products are recycled, an ecological circular economy is closed for the benefit of nature.

Taste: Fruity olive oil, medium to good pungencyPungency, pleasant, balanced bitterness.

Excellent with roasted and grilled meat, poultry and vegetable dishes, wholemeal bread and pasta, and rich cheeses. Also goes well with beans, lentils and legumes. This olive oil is also suitable for any cooking and frying.

Basic knowledge olive and everything about quality criteria olive oil can be found on our special page OLIVARIO.

Quality criteria olive oil

Analysis values

Acidity 0,14 %
Peroxide index 4,7 meq O2 / kg
Polyphenol content > 400 mg / kg
Processing time < 3 hours
Processing temperature approx. 21°C
Nutritional values: 

Average nutritional values per 100gr

Calorific value 3560 kJ (851 kcal)
Carbohydrates 0,0 gr
of which sugar 0,0 gr
Protein 0,0 gr
Fat 99,2 gr
*of which saturated fatty acids 14,1 gr
Salt 0,0 gr

Responsible food business operator:
MM Molero Maza
C/ BADAJOZ, no 13
06490 Puebla de la Calzada (Badajoz) 


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