Rovies Green Organic Olives in brine - 240gr

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Green Kalamon Olives in Brine

Origin: GREECE

Organic cultivation ! Naturally fine.

Rovies is a Greek coastal village in the north of the island of Evia and the home of the small village cooperative "Rovies Olives".

As one of the few producers of table olives, the etching acid (NaOH) is dispensed with when the olives are exhausted.

The de-esterification with acidic acid is the more favorable, but more polluting method (additional consumption of water) and is used by the vast majority of producers.

However, the acid extracts all the vitamins and good antioxidants (polyphenols) from the olive. With Rovies the olives are treated the traditional way. Several months in brine, without any additional chemicals.

Ingredients: Green olives, water, salt, vinegar

Note on allergens: Vinegar

Nutritional values
Average nutritional value per 100g

Calorific value 690kJ / 165kcal
Carbohydrates 4,6 gr
Of which sugar 0,0 gr
Protein 1,8 gr
Fat 17,2 gr
*Of which saturated fatty acids 2,4 gr
Salt 3,0 gr


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