Olive oil cold pressed Casas de Hualdo Arbequina 500 ml

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Cold pressed olive oil from Spain up from EUR 9.90. The mild olive oil from Casas de Hualdo. 

Award-winning gourmet olive oil with excellent price-quality ratio.

Origin: Spain

This pure Arbequina olive oil is a mild, harmonious, fragrant and balanced oil from Casas de Hualdo. An all-round talent. A real aromatic explosion that can only be achieved by using excellent olives and impeccable production.

Producer - the estate: Tajo, the largest river of the Iberian Peninsula, forms a very typical landscape in the province of Toledo, which in the southern section reaches the foothills of the mountains. On a slightly undulating topography, at about 400 to 600 meters above sea level, lie the olive groves of the family farm Casas de Hualdo. 

The climate, with cold winters and dry, very hot summers, is harsh. However, modern irrigation techniques allow the quality of the fruit to be targeted. The mill is located in the middle of the estate, so that the shortest distances from harvest to pressing ensure exceptional quality. With a lot of effort every step is controlled and checked. The finca has already been named the best mill in Spain. The oils regularly win many national and international competitions. 

Since the 90's, Finca Casas de Hualdo has been cultivating olives of the highest quality to obtain a complex and interesting oil.

Taste: mild and smooth, only slightly almondy. 

Best suited for: Raw vegetables, dressings and fish, but also for desserts and mayonnaise. A great all-rounder.


Chemical analysis:

Acidity 0.10 %
Peroxide index 5,3 meq O2 / kg
Polyphenol content 216 mg / kg
Processing time < 4 hours
Processing temperature 25°C

Nutritional values: 

Average nutritional values per 100gr

Calorific value 3385 kJ (823,5kcal)
Carbohydrates 0,0 gr
of which sugar 0,0 gr
Protein 0,0 gr
Fat 91,5 gr
*of which saturated fatty acids 15,5 gr
Salt 0,0 gr

Responsible food business operator: 
Casas de Hualdo
Camino de la Barca
45533 El Carpio de Tajo


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