La Pastora Pimentón Dulce - 75 gr

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De la Vera Pepper mild smoked (ahumado) from Spain 80 gr in a can buy here online. Paprika powder natural pure from the Spanish region De La Vera, (protected designation of origin DOP), which guarantees top quality and authenticity. - 100% Paprika - 100% Spanish 

Origin: SPAIN

This De La Vera paprika gives your meals a very special spice. Mild and slightly smoky flavor component.

  • Traditional production
  • Oak wood smoked
  • Best quality
  • WITHOUT additives
  • WITHOUT colorants

Smoked paprika powder is a traditional self-understanding in the Spanish cuisine.

Origin: Our mild paprika - Pimentón Español Ahumado de la Vera - is grown directly in la Vera caceres (Spain). Only the best quality fruits are selected. The smoked paprika is the result of grinding different varieties of peppers (Capiscum annuum) dried with wood smoke, mainly oak, which gives it a characteristic taste and aroma. The selection of peppers and the smoking process are the basic ingredients for a good bell pepper, characterized by its intense red color, aroma and flavor.

The company: Laybé Especias is a Spanish family business, located in Novelda - Alicante, a center of Spanish spice processing. For over 30 years, the Herrero family has been dedicated to the world of natural, high quality spices and saffron. Driven by the passion for natural flavors and natural foods, the goal is to pass on this passion to customers in the form of pure and unadulterated, authentic products. 

Since there are different varieties and qualities in the world of spices, the Herrero family attaches great importance to transparency and quality. On each package you can find out the exact origin of the hand-selected LAYBE spices. This care in the selection of raw materials, as well as in processing and packaging, guarantees the best products. 

QUALITY & PHILOSOPHY: "100% Spanish and 100% peppers" - no more and no less" is the maxim of Laybé Especias. Only selected fruits of the best quality are used for processing. The entire production process is subject to the strictest quality and hygiene controls. Thanks to these efforts, pure products with an authentic taste experience are created.

CONTENTS : tin of 80gr


c/Magallanes, nº6.
03660 Novelda - Alicante



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