Laybé Pepper Mix of the Earth Refill 100gr

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Buy Colored Pepper Mix of the Earth from EUR 5.99. Best pepper mix from Malaysia, India and Brazil, whole peppercorns in ecological paper packaging. 

Origin: World

Our colorful pepper is 100% NATURAL. WITHOUT the addition of glutamate, flavor enhancers, gluten and other, artificial additives and preservatives.

  • highest quality level
  • without glutamate or flavor enhancers
  • 100% natural
  • strong in flavor
  • balanced in spiciness
  • ecological packaging

Our pepper mix of the world consists of:

  • White Sarawak pepper from Malaysia: this white pepper is grown and harvested in Sarawak, one of the states of Malaysia in Borneo. It is considered the best white pepper in the world, thanks to the perfect climate and exceptional care in processing.
  • Telicherry Black Pepper from India: Tellicherry Black Pepper, produced in Kerala (India), is considered the best in the world for its aroma, size and care in cultivation and drying. The use of the mill to crush the peppercorns helps to release all its flavors at the time of use.
  • Green pepper from India: This pepper "Piper Nigrum" comes from India. The fruit is harvested in the immature stage and directly dehydrated and dried. Hence the green color. Green pepper is less spicy than black or white pepper, but gives a freshness and special spice to the mixture.
  • Red pepper from Brazil: Strictly speaking, the pink pepper is not a pepper, although the aroma, taste and grain size are very similar to Piper Nigrum. This pink pepper is also called Brazilian pepper. The berries are an intense pink color, harvested almost ripe from the Aguaribay plant, a small tree or shrub 7 to 10 m tall, native to subtropical and tropical areas. The spiciness is much less pronounced than that of the classic pepper, giving the mix a particularly mild note.

The Company: Laybé Especias is a Spanish family business, located in Novelda - Alicante, a center of Spanish spice processing. For over 30 years, the Herrero family has been dedicated to the world of natural, high quality spices and saffron. Driven by the passion for natural flavors and natural foods, the goal is to pass on this passion to customers in the form of pure and unadulterated, authentic products. 

Since there are different varieties and qualities in the world of spices, the Herrero family attaches great importance to transparency and quality. On each package you will find the exact origin of the hand-selected LAYBE spices. This care in the selection of raw materials, as well as in the processing and packaging, guarantees the best products. 


Taste: Intense & strong pepper spiciness.

Usage: Allround, goes well with everything you want to season with pepper.


CONTENTS : bag in ecological kraft paper à 100gr


c/Magallanes, nº6.
03660 Novelda - Alicante


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