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Handgemachte Qualität

 Enjoy handmade quality instead of industrial monotony. We say NO to industrial agriculture and the agribusiness lobby. We say YES to the environment. We are convinced of good nutrition and natural body care. That's why you won't find our products at discount grocery stores, supermarkets or the well-known online shopping platforms like Amazon.

seifen und naturkosmetik natürliche feinkost angebote und schnäppchen
Qualitätskriterien Olivenölweinwissenessentielles

Spanish olive oil 2x500ml on sale Casas de Hualdo

Spanish olive oil special offer 2x 500ml Hualdo Arbequina + Ecologico

  • Origin: SPAIN

Best olive oil from Spain on sale - save up to 20%

19.99 *
Old price 25.10 €
You save 20 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Cold pressed olive oil 2x500ml organic duo economy pack

Cold pressed olive oil BIO Duo on sale package

  • Origin: Spain / Italy

Best olive oil organic cold pressed at promotional price

23.99 *
Old price 28.80 €
You save 17 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-5 working days

Italian Olive Oil Duo 2x500ml Extra Virgin Economy Set

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set 2x500ml

  • Origin: Italy

Premium Olive Oils from Italy in a Tasting Pack

25.99 *
Old price 31.80 €
You save 18 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-5 working days

Dishwasher set eco from nature 4 pieces

Dishwashing set eco 4 pieces with dishwashing soap, sponge and cloth


Kitchen cleaning set now buy sustainable online

9.99 *
Old price 14.64 €
You save 32 %

Aleppo soap set 2x 200gr 5-20 with loofah soap cushion

Aleppo soap set 2x 200gr 5/20 with loofah soap cushion

  • Origin: Syria

19% discount. Genuine Syrian soap incl. loofah soap dish

12.60 *
Old price 15.55 €
You save 19 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Marseille donkey milk soaps set of 8 + sisal soap bag

Set of 8 Marseille donkey milk soaps with organic donkey milk

Origin: Provence

Original Provence donkey milk soaps with soap bag

22.99 *
Old price 35.40 €
You save 35 %
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