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Selecta Spanish Olive Oil from Andalusia. Buy best cold-pressed olive oil, balanced taste in practical canister from EUR 33.20.

Andalusian olive oil from Spain with protected designation of origin DOP BAENA. A harmonious, elegant, very good olive oil of the highest quality class extra virgin with the best price-pleasure ratio.

Origin: Spain, Andalusia. Protected Designation of Origin DOP Baena.

  • Olive varieties: Hijiblanca and Picudo.

Harvest time: End of October to beginning of November.

This Andalusian olive oil offers you an exceptional "bouquet" of olives from Picuda and Hojiblanca, harvested at the best stage of ripeness. In this careful blend, each olive variety offers its best characteristics, making it an aromatic, stable olive oil with an excellent taste on the palate, ideal for any dish. Its aroma evokes the natural freshness of the Andalusian countryside around Cordoba Cordoba and brings the Mediterranean taste into your home.

Hojiblanca Olive: This olive variety is typical of the region around Cordoba and Granada. When entering the palate of this olive oil made from Hojiblanca olives, almost no bitterness is noticeable, yet you can taste the freshness of herbs and olive leaves. On the back palate, a slight, pleasant pungency develops, which is also reminiscent of artichoke, a characteristic feature of Hojiblanca olives. This olive is not very productive in terms of fat content. Therefore, almost twice as many olives are needed to produce 1 litre of olive oil.

PICUDA Olive: This olive variety is typical for the region around Cordoba. The taste of extra virgin olive oil from Picuda olives has an authentic personality. Its organoleptic qualities are based on the characteristics that define this olive variety. In particular, it offers a fruity flavour with a certain almondy note. The result is a fresh and delicate juice, pleasant on the palate, with a mild and fruity aroma. The oil has an extremely low acidity (< 0.20%) and a very high polyphenol content.

The oil has an extremely low acidity (< 0.20%) and a very high content of tocopherols.


Producer: Sucesores Hermanos López is a pure family business in the 6th generation, founded around 1840 in the olive heart of Spain. The finca is located in the south of Spain between Córdoba and Granada, where olive trees and people have lived together for thousands of years. Today, the sixth generation of the López family has taken up the challenge of modernising the business and combining the long family tradition with the highest demands of olive cultivation. As a consequence, the family business works constantly and meticulously to produce olive oils of the highest quality. The result is the world's best olive oils. One guarantee for this exceptional quality is the "integral processing". This means that the entire production process, from the intensive work in the fields, cultivation and harvesting to the cold pressing of the olive oil and bottling of the final product, is carried out in-house in the company's own oil mill. 
Part of the olive groves have now been converted to organic farming and each finca is worked and controlled with care and respect to get the best out of the olive trees in the foothills of the Sierras Subbeticas Natural Park.

At Hermanos Lopez, the result is an olive essence of Mediterranean culture that is appreciated all over the world. Only by controlling the entire process from cultivation to packaging can products of the highest quality be created. Hermanos López guarantee the production from the cultivation of the fruit to the extraction of the oil and the final packaging.


Experience the environment of the Almazara (oil mill) live. You can also spend your holidays here and visit the oil mill:


Taste: Well-balanced to rich olive oil, medium pungency, little to no bitterness, yet extremely fresh and fruity.

Best with roast and grilled meats, poultry and vegetables, wholemeal bread and pasta, and rich cheeses. Also goes well with beans, lentils and pulses. This olive oil is also suitable for all cooking and frying. Great all-round olive oil with flavour. 

Basic knowledge olive and everything about quality criteria olive oil you will find on our special page OLIVARIO.

Quality criteria olive oil

Analysis values

Acidity 0,21 %
Peroxide index 2.8 meq O2 / kg
Polyphenol content 653 mg / kg
Processing time < 3 hours
Processing temperature approx. 21°C
Nutritional values: 

Average nutritional values per 100gr

Calorific value 3560 kJ (851 kcal)
Carbohydrates 0,0 gr
thereof sugar 0,0 gr
Protein 0,0 gr
Fat 99,2 gr
*of which saturated fatty acids 14,1 gr
Salt 0,0 gr


Responsible food business operator:
Almazara Sucesores Hermanos López, S.A..
Carretera CO-6203 km.5,7.
14880 Luque(Córdoba)


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