Black olives of Provence without stone nature 180gr

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Buy pitted black natural olives from EUR 4.99. In a jar, olives black (uncolored), dried and pickled in salt. Olive delight, authentic and delicious. 

Origin: Provence

"Olives noires denoyautees Nature" - French specialty from Provence. Ripe black olives without stone in salt. For aperitif, as a pizza topping or for delicious salads. Mediterranean nutrition at its best.

  • Traditional, artisan production
  • Uncolored, without chemical additives
  • own recipe
  • authentic taste

The company: In the heart of Provence, between Nimes and Aix en Provence, is the Soler family business. For over 50 years, the family has been dedicated to the processing and preparation of olives according to traditional recipes and methods, without artificial flavor enhancers, colorants or preservatives.

Unlike many other producers, the Soler family still traditionally processes olives, some of which are home grown. This is much more complex, since one renounces completely to industrially, chemical aids. * Chemical procedures (with NaOH - sodium hydoxide - caustic acid) destroy the good ingredients of the olive.

In the Soler family, however, the olives are harvested ripe, hence the dark color. Then washed and soaked for several weeks only in salt. In this way, the bitterness is removed from the olives in a natural and gentle way, but without destroying vitamins and polyphenols.

The result is delicious, fleshy, black, salted olives with a nice bite that have nothing to do with bland olives from the discount store. 

Ingredients: black olives, canola oil, salt.
Nutritional values: 

Average nutrients per 100gr

Calorific value 1085kJ / 264kcal
Carbohydrates 21,4 gr
of which sugar 0,2 gr
Protein 2,0 gr
Fat 46,6 gr
*of which saturated fatty acids 32,3 gr
Salt 14,8 gr

Responsible food business operator:
Les délices de l'Olivier
Verger d'entreprises de Roquerousse
13520 Moussane les Alpilles


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