Olive oil for frying

Olive oil for frying and cooking

Good olive oil is suitable for frying and also for cooking up to 180°C. However, there is a widespread opinion that cold-pressed olive oil is mainly used in the preparation of cold dishes. This is a mistake. Cold-pressed olive oils are also suitable for warm dishes, because olive oil is the only cold-pressed oil that can be heated up to 190°C.

For frying, for example, temperatures of 160° to 170° are recommended. As you can see in our heatability table, this is easily possible with good olive oil. In Mediterranean cuisine, see Italian, Spanish and Greek cuisine, cooking and frying is done almost exclusively with olive oil.

Fry with olive oil, which is most suitable ? We recommend a mild olive oil from our range.

Olive oil for frying

Please note! The so-called smoke point of the oil must be observed. This means as soon as the oil begins to evaporate. This is with cold-pressed olive oil at about 190 ° C. From this point, the oil must be disposed of and no longer used.
Here is a small overview of the heatability of the most important oils and fats, which we have also compiled for you as a pdf download fileDownload olive oil for frying and cooking "Olive oil for frying and cooking".
Maximum heatability of edible oils and fats (source - Merum Info)


  • kochen_und-braten_mit_olivenol_olivinus_shopbutter - 110°C
  • margarine - 150°C
  • corn oil - 160°C
  • soybean oil - 170°C
  • sunflower oil - 170°C
  • pork fat - 180°C
  • extra virgin olive oil - 190°C

What you do not need is a special "olive oil for frying". This is a waste of money, because it is a refined and highly heated oil, which has little to do with real olive oil. 
The icing on the cake of upscale cuisine:
Best olive oils for frying, cooking and baking
High-quality olive oils are ideal to refine numerous dishes. 
Don't want to miss out on these flavors when frying? Then our exquisite selection of olive oils specially suited for this purpose is indispensable for your kitchen. 

Not every olive oil is suitable for the high temperatures that can occur during frying.
It is therefore important to use the optimal oil if you want your dishes to be a perfect culinary experience. This is because temperatures of up to 200 degrees are quickly generated in hot pans. Fruit oils with many unsaturated fatty acids, however, develop harmful smoke already from about 160 degrees. 

Therefore, friends of fine cuisine should always use suitable, refined olive oils of excellent quality. Here, the smoke point is significantly higher. 

Olive oils that meet these high standards and inspire with a wide variety of flavors, you will find in our store. These exquisite oils make every dish a feast for body and senses.

In our store you will find a selection of quality oils that are ideally suited for frying:
From mild to fruity, from different growing areas. The olive oils personally selected by us convince again and again by their excellent quality. 

Various have received awards for their excellence in independent tests: by Stiftung Warentest, by "Der Feinschmecker" or in "FLOS OLEI".
Would you also not like to miss the typical balanced aroma of best olive oils when frying? Then browse through our selection of oils specially suited for this purpose.

The following advantages offer you the order of high-quality olive oils in our shop:

  • Large selection 
  • Attractive discounts 
  • EU shipping 
  • Fast delivery - get your oil after a few days

Thanks to the fruity and slightly bitter notes, olive oil has been used in the Mediterranean region for thousands of years for cooking and frying. The German Society for Nutrition e. V. (DGE) even explicitly recommends it for frying and deep-frying. 
The quality promise of our olive oils:

  • Selected oils directly from the producer
  • Numerous awards in independent tests 
  • many cultivation regions have a DOP certificate

In our online store you will find an extensive selection of high quality olive oils, which are also ideal for frying.

Browse through the individual offers and discover your personal taste favorite. 
We have discovered more on the topic of "olive oil and its proper use in the kitchen" for you on "Chefkoch".
Now have fun cooking and choosing your favorite olive oil.
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Olive oil cold pressed Casas de Hualdo Arbequina 500 ml

Olive oil cold pressed Casas de Hualdo Arbequina

  • Origin: Spain

Buy cold pressed olive oil from 9.90. The mild with character.

12.95 / bottle(s) *
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1 l = 25.90 €
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Best organic olive oil cold pressed ISUL DOP 500ml

Best organic olive oil cold pressed DOP - by ISUL

  • Origin: Spain

Very mild olive oil recommended by the "Feinschmecker"

13.95 / bottle(s) *
Old price 16.40 €
1 l = 27.90 €
You save 15 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Extra virgin olive oil in 2.5 liter tin - ISUL DOP

Extra virgin olive oil ISUL DOP in 2,5L canister

  • Origin: Spain

Very mild organic olive oil. Recommended by "der Feinschmecker".

54.95 / can(s) *
Old price 64.00 €
1 l = 21.98 €
You save 14 %

Oliferm mild Arbequina olive oil cold pressed 500 ml

Oliferm Premium Arbquina Olive Oil from Catalonia

  • Origin: Spain

Mild, cold-pressed olive oil with a low acidity level

14.75 / bottle(s) *
Old price 16.90 €
1 l = 29.50 €
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Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Oliferm olive oil in can 3 liters Arbequina oil

Oliferm Premium Arbquina Olive Oil in can 3L

  • Origin: Spain / Catalonia

Mild extra virgin olive oil with low acidity

64.95 / can(s) *
Old price 72.00 €
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Delivery period: 1-3 working days
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