What is the best olive oil ?

Which olive oil is the best ? 

Which olive oil is the best ? This question is not so easy to answer. First of all, it must be said that the "best olive oil in the world" does not exist..

No matter if it is Italian, Spanish, Greek or French olive oil. No one can claim the title of "olive oil world champion". Wherever olive trees grow, good and very good olive oil can be produced. The entire Mediterranean region is predestined for this. Accordingly, there are also great oils in Croatia, Turkey, Syria and other countries.

The olive oil quality is determined by factual and indisputable olive oil quality criteria, which we explain in more detail on our special page

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What is the best olive oil ?

With us you get all the basic knowledge about olive oil quality and the determinating criteria for your personal olive oil test.

As a special service the olive oil quality characteristics here again for you in the overview:

  • Quality classes of the different types of oil
  • Acidity and acidity of olive oil
  • Polyphenols in olive oil
  • Peroxide number

As soon as these analytical criteria for high-quality olive oil are fulfilled, you decide personally after your individual taste, which is the best olive oil for you.

In short, you should know: Good olive oil is bitter and pungent. For more information and detailed advice, we are here to help you. Contact us before you buy your olive oil online.

Which olive oil is the best? > A question of taste & quality

For friends of Mediterranean delights, this is the question of all questions. Because the best olive oil ennobles every dish and is at the same time a healthy "kick" for our body. 

Here we tell you how to find best olive oils and how to find the right one for you. 

Hardly any other fruit is as versatile as the olive, and this also applies to the fine oils extracted from it.
Because depending on the variety, cultivation area and degree of ripeness, the taste differs considerably. 
However, the processing is just as decisive for the quality. 
Anyone who wants particularly high-quality oil that contains a large number of valuable ingredients should therefore pay attention to gentle processing - important criteria here are designations such as cold-pressed and extra virgin.

And also on the producers the attention should lie with the selection: We therefore prefer small producers who still produce and process the olive oil themselves.

If you are looking for the best olive oil, you will find a wide selection in our store. 

Each of the hand-picked, high-quality oils promises you excellent enjoyment. Guaranteed!

In our store you can expect numerous quality oils:
From mild to intensely fruity, genuine Picual olive oil and more. Numerous oils have received awards for excellence in independent tests: by Stiftung Warentest, by "Der Feinschmecker" or in "FLOS OLEI".

Also on offer are olive oils from organic and biodynamic cultivation, for which the greatest care has been taken all around. For this the producers received partly even an award with the "Health Nutrition Award".
Convince yourself of the fine flavors and aromas of the exquisite olive oils and you will quickly find your favorite oil.

A variety of exquisite oils is ready for you. Go on a journey of discovery and let yourself be inspired.
The following advantages offer you the order of high quality olive oils in our store:
Oils from verifiably organic cultivation

  • Attractive quantity discounts 
  • Free shipping from an order of 55 €

The quality promise of our selected olive oils:

  • Oils with distinction and numerous awards
  • many cultivation regions carry a DOP certificate
  • the oils come directly from the producer

Convince yourself of the excellent quality of the olive oils collected in our olive oil store. Browse through the individual offers and discover your personal taste favorite. You can expect the best Mediterranean pleasure.

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