Sustainable online Shopping

Sustainable shopping without plastic

Buy sustainable products plastic-free. Conscious consumption and taking responsibility for future generations. We also want to make our contribution to this. What do we do ?

  • In the selection of our products, manufacturers and producers, we pay attention to compliance with ecological standards, as well as environmental friendliness. As far as reasonable and possible we want to enable you to store without plastic and see ourselves as a " sustainable products store ". We try to offer product alternatives to conventional industrial products that are affordable.
Sustainable online Shopping
  • We are constantly on the lookout for new, clever solutions for a green lifestyle. Here, the holistic approach is important to us and not the focus on a specific eco aspect. 
  • Fair trade: Fair prices for all, but also consideration for ecology, morals, decency and ethics. All parties involved, you as a customer and consumer, our producers and also we we should be satisfied. 
  • In-store sales: no cellophane packaging and use of paper or organic plastic shopping bags.
  • Online Shop: We try as much as possible to reuse the cartons and vepackaging. We use only recycled paper as the polar material.

The sea of knowledge has no shores. We are constantly learning and strive to offer you environmentally friendly and socially responsible products and solutions. The ecological footprint we leave behind should be as small as possible. This also includes our efforts to implement the paperless office as far as possible. 

Every new path begins with the first step. Let us walk this path together.

P.S. We are open for suggestions, hints and ideas. For suggestions for improvement, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.