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Olivinus by by Segura

Authenticity instead of industrial monotony. We are convinced of handmade quality, healthy nutrition and natural body care. We are not a classic organic store, but rather see ourselves as an eco-shop where you can store sustainably.


Thus, our store is simply the result of our philosophy of life and the ideals that drive us. Fair trade for all parties involved (for producers, buyers, customers and sellers) is very important to us. We stand for:

  • Sustainable shopping.
  • Conscious consumption, avoiding mass consumption.
  • Preserve resources, respect the environment (Back to the roots !). 
  • Point out and inform about alternatives.


"Every new path begins with the first step" and the sea of knowledge has no shores.


Therefore, we offer only selected and sustainable products of small manufactories, which leave nothing to be desired in terms of naturalness, taste, ecology and quality. The personal contact with the mostly small family businesses is very important to us and the guarantor for being able to offer genuine, handmade and high-quality products.

Once you have tasted cold-pressed olive oil from traditional, ecologically-sound cultivation and gentle processing, you will never want to use industrial products again. Pasta that has been hand-pressed in bronze molds and air-dried, made with original wheat varieties, simply cannot be compared to pasta from the supermarket.

It is precisely this passion for something special that we at Olivinus would like to bring to you. Treat yourself and your body to the best, completely without artificial additives and flavor enhancers. We'll be happy to advise you - and you'll get our expert knowledge for free."

We invite you just as cordially to visit our retail store to learn and taste to your heart's content. Here you can also taste our wonderful wines from selected vintners and get detailed advice. We are sure to find together the right drop for every occasion.

Soaps and natural cosmetics for skin and hair
Are you looking for a body care product on a purely natural basis? We offer you natural alternatives to discount products. With each bar of Aleppo soap or Marseille soap you start the day fresh.

"De gustibus non est disputandum", or about tastes one can have different opinions. Therefore, our soap assortment includes not only authentic olive oil soaps and vegetable curd soaps, but also fine Marseille scented soaps. Whether lavender soap, olive soap or patchouli soap, we offer a wide range of soap scents and soap types.

We will be happy to advise you and look forward to meeting you! Z

CENTRAL Office & Administration

✔️Zeppelinstraße 4a, in 66740 Saarlouis ✔️c/o Segura Automobile GmbH on the upper floor we have our offices. 


SHOP (ENJOY DRIVE IN - parking right outside the door) :

Wallerfangerstraße 83, in 66740 Saarlouis ✔️Tel.: 06831 949790 ✔️The store is not permanently occupied !

Opening hours:  Currently not available

For resellers, dealers and companies :

We are importer and trade representative of exclusive manufacturers and guarantee you authentic products at fair conditions. If you are looking for high quality products off the mainstream*, we should get to know each other!

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