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Essential lavender oil of the highest quality from Haute Provence. Buy now with us highly concentrated, natural lavender oil at low graduated prices starting from € 4.79. The original Lavandin lavender oil from France directly from the producer.

Made from lavender flowers of their own harvest. Pure deslillate from own production, no industrial product.

Enjoy the relaxing effect of lavender with this pure essential lavender oil from Haute-Provence directly from the producer. Our direct purchase from the manufacturer guarantees you the security of the best product quality, product purity, as well as authenticity. With us you get the "real lavender oil".

Origin: Haute Provence

Fragrance: Fine lavender scent of fresh field lavender 

  • Manufactured product from traditional production
  • Guaranteed product quality
  • Lavender from own, ecological cultivation
  • Lavender scent has a calming and harmonizing effect
  • versatile usable

Our Haute-Provence lavender essential oil is extracted from the fine lavandin and has a supportive effect when relaxing or falling asleep.

Lavender essential oil can also be added to soaps and skin care products or used in home aromatherapy. This all-natural lavender oil contains no other additives, but consists solely of the pure, highly concentrated distillate. Thanks to the high yield, one or a few drops are often enough, which can be added to other oils and products.

Application TIP: Mix 5 drops with a small amount of neutral bath or massage oil to enjoy the benefits of the original lavender oil.

Harvesting is done according to traditional methods that preserve the special properties of the plant, its benefits and fragrance. The lavender stem is first cut off. Then the bush dries for several days in the open air under the sun of Provence. And finally, the flowers are separated from the stems. The lavender oils contain only the noblest part of the plant: the flowers.

The distillation: The distillation of the lavender is done according to the traditional method, the traditional method of our ancestors. In this process, the original properties of the plant are preserved. A highly concentrated and pure essential lavender oil is extracted by the classical water-distillation method, without any water content and without any chemical additives. In the context of product purity, green parts such as styles are not distilled with it. This results in a product of absolute purity and goodness.

The manufacturer: The company - the soap manufacture LHP Haute Provence: For several generations, the Montaud family has cultivated lavender on their land in Provence, which over time has become a symbol of Provence worldwide. This know-how and passion for the métier is a family heritage that has been preserved to this day. Monsieur Montaud has the advantage over many other producers in that he is not only a farmer and lavender grower, but also a lavender distiller and savonnier (soap maker). Thus, he combines all core competencies and can control the entire manufacturing process.

The result is soaps and lavender products of the very best quality. Most of the lavender used to make the products comes from the family production and is therefore 100% Provence.

Another essential characteristic of this family business is that the family is committed to the environment and respects nature. Attention is paid to ethical and environmental values, giving the highest consideration to the impact of the small business on the environment, in order to preserve one of the purest ecosystems in the world: Provence.

Here is Monsieur Montaud's philosophy: "We have been linked to our land for several generations and are concerned about the preservation of this precious capital left by our ancestors, which we want to pass on to our children. It's about maintaining a family state of mind so that our activity respects this environment of ours, because it's our main capital."

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Content: 1 X bottle with screw cap of 10ml. 

Responsible manufacturer: 
Lavanderaie Montaud
Haute Provence


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