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Gift ideas cool, enjoyable, stylish simply buy online. Birthdays, anniversaries, passed exams or just because - there are many occasions to give something. However, it is not always easy to find the right gift idea. We know this only too well.

We at OLIVINIUS think it is simply wonderful to make others happy. That's why even browsing for personal gifts should be an inspiring experience for you. Whether a charming souvenir or a gourmet gift: for every budget and the most individual tastes, we lovingly put together a unique assortment that sends you on a culinary journey again and again and brings you the most beautiful gift ideas.

Gift ideas

Gift ideas for HER and HIM

So different women and men can sometimes be, they always have one thing in common: food. Who does not like to eat and drink well? So if you are looking for an original gift idea for HER and HIM, then you are always right with a good bottle of wine or a culinary specialty. But also special handmade soaps or helpful household utensils find from experience great appeal. You will find all this and much more in our OLIVINIUS online store.

Or do you want to let us choose for you? Then a value voucher is the perfect gift idea. You choose the budget and the lucky person can then choose and order according to his or her heart's desire and taste. 

Gift ideas - Give away a happy smile

Have other occasions for delicious, fancy or original gift ideas ? We also have great gifts for moving in, farewell gifts for colleagues or gift ideas for a romantic evening for two, guaranteed to bring joy. These range from useful gift ideas for the kitchen, to ideas for a small thank you for parting, to gifts for the next picnic outing or other moments of pampering. You can be sure to give a happy smile with our gift ideas.

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Italian Olive Oil Duo 2x500ml Extra Virgin Economy Set

Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set 2x500ml

  • Origin: Italy

Premium Olive Oils from Italy in a Tasting Pack

26.99 *
Old price 35.60 €
You save 24 %

Set of 10 Marseille soaps Haute Provence discount offer

Set of 10 Marseille soaps from Haute Provence - special Dicount

  • Origin: Provence

32% discount. Real Provence soaps with natural fragrance

21.99 *
Old price 29.00 €
You save 24 %

Aleppo soap set 2x 200gr 5-20 with loofah soap cushion

Aleppo soap set 2x 200gr 5/20 with loofah soap cushion

  • Origin: Syria

19% discount. Genuine Syrian soap incl. loofah soap dish

12.60 *
Old price 15.55 €
You save 19 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Marseille soaps 4x100gr & Loofah soap dish economy set

Marseille soap set 4 pcs + loofah soap dish economy pack

  • Origin: Provence

23% Discount. Real French soaps with loofah soap cushion

11.90 *
Old price 14.20 €
You save 16 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Oil & Vinegar Set organic olive oil + balsamic vinegar

Oil and Vinegar Duo Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

  • Origin: ITALY

Vinegar and oil set shop online

20.99 *
Old price 24.80 €
You save 15 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Dishwasher set eco from nature 4 pieces

Dishwashing set eco 4 pieces with dishwashing soap, sponge and cloth


Kitchen cleaning set now buy sustainable online

10.99 *
Old price 16.65 €
You save 34 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Test winner olive oils from Spain in economy pack 2X500ml

Test winner oliveoils from Spain in big sale pack - balanced fruity


Spanish olive oil best world class in the favorable set 2x500 ml

26.99 *
Old price 33.30 €
You save 19 %

Test winner olive oils from Italy in economy pack 2X500ml

Testwinner olive oils from Italy in a Duo Pack

  • Italy

Buy Italian top class olive oils online - Sale

29.99 *
Old price 36.60 €
You save 18 %

Pure Olive Oil Soap Care Set 100% Olive

Pure olive oil soap care set in economy package

  • Origin: France, Italy

Hair soap + shower soap set of 100% olive soap

9.99 *
Old price 13.80 €
You save 28 %
In stock
Delivery period: 3-5 working days

Aleppo Soap Skin Care Set for Body and Hair by Royal

Genuine Aleppo soap in a set for vegan body care

  • Origin: Provence

Wash skin and hair with original Aleppo olive oil soaps

20.99 *
Old price 25.70 €
You save 18 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-5 working days

Lavender sachets set of 3 bags of 18gr Haute Provence

Lavender sachets in a cheap set of 3 with real lavender

  • Origin: PROVENCE

Scented sachet lavender from own cultivation

4.65 / set(s) *
Old price 5.45 €
1 kg = 86.11 €
You save 15 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Marseille donkey milk soaps set of 10

Set of 10 Marseille donkey milk soaps with organic donkey milk

Origin: Provence

Original french donkey milk soaps from the soap manufactory

22.99 *
Old price 39.50 €
You save 42 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days


50.00 *
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days


30.00 *
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days


75.00 *
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days


100.00 *
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Olive Oil Cosmetic Set Organic Cosmetics

Organic olive oil cosmetics body care set in economy package

  • Origin: Italy - France

Certified natural olive oil cosmetics 

37.99 *
Old price 47.40 €
You save 20 %

Pielsegura Shower Soap OLIVE & Aloe Vera - 250ml

For hygienic and mild body wash. From soap manufacture.

Origin: SPAIN

Olive cosmetics made with 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, natural Aloe Vera and olive leaf extract !

6.35 / set(s) *
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Lavender Gift Set Scented Pillow, Soap, Soapbox Provence

Lavender gift set in beautiful box with real lavender flowers

  • Origin: PROVENCE

Lavender sachet, lavender soap plus gift box in a set

8.95 *
Old price 9.90 €
You save 10 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Oriental olive oil soap 4 x 120 gr in a gift box

Oriental olive oil soaps 4 x 120 gr in gift box

  • Origin: Turkey

Wellness & Beauty gift idea for yourself or your loved ones

19.99 / set(s) *
Old price 27.80 €
1 kg = 41.65 €
You save 28 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days
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