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Online gift voucher to give away as a gift certificate. This way you are on the safe side if you are looking for a suitable gift idea. You need a gift? With a value voucher you are always on the safe side. Buying an online gift voucher has another advantage.

Because this voucher can be redeemed in our online store around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The voucher is valid for 12 months. In addition, our OLIVINIUS gift vouchers have a neutral design, so that they are suitable for any occasion and offer you the possibility of individualization. Together with a personal greeting you give away a great joy.


If your prefered amount is not listed, we will gladly create your individual voucher with your desired amount and an individual code. We are happy to inform you. Please do not hrsitate tocontact us. Write us a mail or call us:

Mail: info(at)

Tel: +49 (0)6831 94 97 90

We are here for you. And now have fun making gifts and fulfilling wishes!

Gift vouchers: Culinary delicacies, special care products or useful helpers for kitchen and bathroom are always a good gift idea. And you can find all these products in our online store. But sometimes you don't know the taste of the person you are giving the gift to so well. For such cases, a gift certificate is the optimal solution.

Free choice with the gift voucher

No matter if you want to make a nice evening with a special bottle of wine and some delicacies like olives or chocolate or if you are looking for a good oil for your salad, you will find all these things in our shop. Would you not like to deprive a loved one of our assortment ? Then make him with a value voucher but a joy. Finally, you have free choice with the gift voucher and can then try through. Perhaps you will soon be invited for a glass of wine, which was purchased from us from your voucher.

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