Olive oil cosmetics

Olive oil cosmetics, day cream and body lotions

Real olive oil cosmetics for skin and hair. Pure natural olive cosmetics for daily care of your skin. The olive oil cosmetics we offer are made from extra virgin olive oil.

✔️ Skin friendly and easy to apply ✔️ Cosmetics WITHOUT microplastics ✔️ Without artificial fragrances. 

✔️ Vegan and free of animal testing ✔️ Without parabens and silicones ✔️ Free of colorants and preservatives

Olive oil cosmetics

In the world of natural cosmetics, olive oil is considered a true miracle product for the rich care of the skin. 

Maybe you already appreciate olive oil in your kitchen, but have you already discovered it as a natural care product for your skin? Olive oil is suitable for the entire body care, because every cell benefits from the natural ingredients. All products in our range are made from pure virgin olive oil from sustainable cultivation. You want to buy an original and natural olive oil cream or olive oil lotion? Go for the highest quality extra virgin olive oil with 100% pure ingredients and experience the optimal care from the crown to the sole.

The products we select and offer are pure manufactured products with a high content of genuine olive oil. Use the power and the very good, cosmetic properties of the olive for your well-being. Have fun browsing in our natural cosmetics store. Olive oil creams and olive oil lotions are available around the clock in our natural cosmetics store.

The natural cosmetic products and care products come from personally selected manufactories, for exclusive care of your skin.

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Pure Olive Oil Soap Care Set 100% Olive

Pure olive oil soap care set in economy package

  • Origin: France

Hair soap + shower soap set of 100% olive soap

9.99 *
Old price 13.80 €
You save 28 %
In stock
Delivery period: 3-5 working days

Olive Oil Skin Care Lotion Organic Nature 250ml by Tomelea

Olive oil skin care lotion natural 100% organic without parabens

  • Origin: Provence

Certified Organic natural cosmetics for gentle skin care

16.95 *
Old price 19.90 €
1 l = 67.80 €
You save 15 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days

Organic Olive Orange Body Lotion 250ml Tomelea

Olive oil body lotion Clémentine Corse 100% organic without parabens

  • Origin: Provence

Certified natural cosmetics with clementine extract

16.95 *
Old price 18.90 €
1 l = 67.80 €
You save 10 %
In stock
Delivery period: 1-3 working days
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