Oliferm mild Arbequina olive oil cold pressed 500 ml

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Premium Arbquina olive oil cold pressed from Catalonia. A very mild Arbequina olive oil of best quality with extremely low acidity from the north of Spain. Ideal for the preparation of all dishes. 

Origin: Catalonia, Spain

Premium olive oil with an excellent price-quality ratio.


Discover the best Spanish olive oil from Catalonia - a real treat for your Mediterranean cuisine! Our cold-pressed olive oil, made from the exquisite Arbequina olive, is characterised by its mild taste and low acidity. 

Whether you want to use it for cooking, frying or as a dressing, our upscale olive oil is an all-rounder that will elevate your dishes to a new culinary level. Its delicate flavours add a touch of sunshine and freshness to your dishes.

With this Spanish olive oil, you can add a Mediterranean touch to your dishes and indulge your palate with its unmistakable taste. Rest assured that every drop of our oil embodies care and quality.

Take your senses on a journey to Catalonia and experience the distinctive diversity of Spanish cuisine.

Oliferm olive oil is the perfect companion for your salads, pasta, grilled vegetables and much more.

Try our Spanish olive oil from Catalonia today and discover the true taste of Mediterranean delights. Your palate will thank you!

Producer: OLIFERM is a small cooperative - Cooperativa Camp de Castelldans.  It is located in a privileged oil tourist region in the north of Spain, near the town of Leida in Catalonia.

The cooperative looks back on a long experience of oil production. The accumulated know-how of several families over generations shapes the unique quality of the products. In addition, the geographical location in the north of Spain. The mild climate, characterised by the foothills of the Pyrenees, is particularly suitable for the autochthonous Arbequina variety. The summers are not too hot and the rainfall favours the growth of the mild olives.

We are very happy to have found this producer.

Taste: mild and gentle

Best suited: Raw vegetables, vegetables, dressings and fish, but also for desserts and mayonnaise. A great all-rounder.

Chemical analysis:

Acidity 0.11 %
Peroxide index 6.3 meq O2 / kg
Polyphenol content > 200 mg / kg
Processing time < 8 hours
Processing temperature 25°C

Nutritional values: 

Average nutritional values per 100gr

Calorific value 3385 kJ (823,5kcal)
Carbohydrates 0,0 gr
thereof sugar 0,0 gr
Protein 0,0 gr
Fat 91,5 gr
*of which saturated fatty acids 15,5 gr
Salt 0,0 gr

Responsible food business operator: 
Cooperativa del Camp de Castelldans
C/Sant Isidre, 24.
25154 Castelldans (Lleida) 


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