Kernel & Seed Oils

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Solling cold pressed organic grape seed oil 100 ml

Organic grape seed oil cold pressed from high quality organic grape seeds

  • Origin: Germany

Pure seed oil from freshly pressed grapes

10.95 / bottle(s) *
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Solling Cold Pressed Organic Sesame Oil 250ml

Sesame oil cold pressed from organic farming 250ml - mild taste

  • Origin: Germany

Organic sesame oil from unroasted sesame seeds

7.85 / bottle(s) *
Old price 9.90 €
1 l = 31.40 €
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Solling organic coconut oil cold pressed 500 ml

Solling coconut oil cold pressed and virgin 500 ml from organic farming

  • Origin: Germany

Coconut fat of the highest quality

9.45 / glass(es) *
Old price 10.90 €
1 l = 37.80 €
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Cold pressed organic pumpkin seed oil by Solling 250ml

Cold pressed pumpkin seed oil native from organic farming 250ml 

  • Origin: Germany

Greenish speose oil with a pithy, mild taste

13.75 / bottle(s) *
Old price 9.90 €
1 l = 55.00 €
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Kernel oils, seed oils, Styrian pumpkin seed oil to nut oil

Kernel oils, seed oils online shop. You ask yourself: Where to buy good vegetable oil ? or Which vegetable oil is good ? Then you are right with us. A little cold-pressed grape seed oil to the fresh salad, with fine olive oil to taste the pasta - a good cuisine simply can not do without these complementary essences. The best thing about it: the right oils taste fantastically fresh!

Even the finest oil is, of course, a high-calorie fat, but enjoyed in moderation and chosen wisely, it is valuable for our bodies. Then it provides many phytochemicals, vital unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

Our fine selection of kernel and seed oil will please not only your organism, but also your taste buds.

Kernel & Seed Oils

Our pumpkin seed oil is the culinary specialty from Styria. The Austrian oil manufactory produces pure cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil with the help of the stamp press. Green and thick, it comes out of the cold pressing and spreads a ravishingly intense and nutty aroma, which is due not least to the roasting of the seeds. It goes excellently with salads and raw vegetable dishes; it is less suitable for frying, as high heat destroys the valuable ingredients.

Another Austrian delicacy is cold-pressed grape seed oil. Like all vegetable oils, grape seed oil is one of the "good" fats. This is particularly true of cold-pressed grape seed oil: it contains around 90% unsaturated fatty acids, above all the particularly valuable linoleic acid. Cold-pressed grape seed oil contains up to 70% of this acid. Please do not use it for cooking and frying, because then it burns and besides it is nevertheless much too precious and pity for it. Enjoy it directly pure to make aromatic and healthy salad dressings. 

Not quite as well known is the spicy hazelnut oil; but it is worth it to make room in the kitchen cupboard for a bottle of cold-pressed hazelnut oil! The special feature is, on the one hand, that the oil consists of about 78% unsaturated fatty acids. But also the vitamins E, B and K, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and up to 9% linoleic acid make the oil rich and digestible. On the other hand, due to the high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, it is rich in oleic acid, which enables the oil to be used for frying.

However, we recommend the direct consumption to refine for example desserts, muesli, cheese and fine vegetables such as asparagus, tomatoes and carrots.