Aleppo Soap 45/55 Saryane with Olive Oil Laurel Oil 200gr

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Genuine Aleppo soap, the original olive oil soap, especially valuable with 55% laurel oil. Buy Syrian laurel soap up from EUR 6.89. Here in the soap shop as bath soap or hair soap WITHOUT palm oil with best olive oil (45%) and laurel oil (55%). Pure vegetable from traditional production.

Soap for Hope. Saryane genuine, original Aleppo soap from Syria hygienically packed. 

Origin: SYRIA

Info Aleppo soap, also Syrian laurel soap, Arabic Sapun Ghar, is a soap produced in and around Aleppo from olive oil and from a variable proportion of the fatty oil of berries (and possibly leaves) of the true laurel. Since the product is incidentally made without dyes, artificial flavours, perfumes, stabilisers or other synthetic substances, Aleppo soap belongs to the category of natural soaps.

Pure olive soaps are extremely rare, as most manufacturers like to mix the more expensive olive oil with the much cheaper palm oil or coconut oil.  Saryane Aleppo soap, however, is a pure natural soap and is handmade in kettles according to a traditional recipe in Syria. Sustainable and made exclusively with olive oil and laurel oil. 

Application: For frequent and regular washing of the skin, hair, face, hands and body (for oily skin). Aleppo soap with olive oil and laurel oil is also ideal as a hair soap.

THE BEST FROM NATURE: Natural and authentic body care.

  • Handmade soap production
  • Hygienically packed with foil and banderole
  • Natural soap biodegradable
  • WITHOUT palm oil
  • Without perfume
  • Based on 45% olive oil and 55% laurel oil (pure vegetable)
  • WITHOUT chemical additives
  • WITHOUT animal testing

Soaps made from olive oil wash and care for the skin very gently.

Fragrance: Neutral - pure and natural without perfumes


The traditional artisan production process is as follows: Olive oil is boiled over floor boilers on an open fire for up to three days with frequent stirring. Water and soda ash are gradually added for saponification. Just before it is completely salted out, the laurel oil is added, the proportion of which usually varies between two and 40 per cent of the oil quantity; this increases the strength of the soap.

After boiling, the soda lye is drained off. The soap is then "washed" with fresh water until it is free of lye. The soap is then left to cool and dehydrate overnight.

The green soap paste is then removed from the kettle and tipped out onto a smooth, foil-lined floor surface and smoothed. The soap hardens and dries there for at least 24 and up to 40 hours. The hardened mass is then cut into rectangular pieces of soap.

After cutting, the pieces are sealed with a traditional embossing stamp. Stacked on wooden pallets, this is followed by six to nine months of airy, dry storage, which, in addition to further drying and curing, causes the soap bars to oxidise on the outside, giving them a patina with a light honey to sandy tone, while their core essentially retains the original greenish colour.

The manufacturer: The company - "Saryane - Olive et Moi "is a small, French company from near Lyon. The owner and founder, Monsieur Sarkissian is a pioneer of natural cosmetics who has put his ideals into practice. The soap manufactory offers high-quality products and respects tradition. Only extra virgin olive oil is used. Without animal fats or parabens. All products of "Olive et Moi" are produced in the own manufactory in France.

In addition to its own soap production, Mr Sarkissian's company Saryane is also an importer of genuine Aleppo soaps from Syria. Soap for Hope: Despite current adversities, he supports the people on the ground and thus makes a positive contribution to securing a livelihood for the people and offering them a perspective. 

Ingredients INCI: Olea Europea Oil (Olive Oil 45%), Lauris Nobilis Oil (Laurel Oil 55%), Aqua (Water), Sodium Hydroxyde (Soda)

** Sodium hydroxyde (sodium hydroxide) is needed for saponification. This is gradually broken down by the saponification process, a process that takes about 6 weeks. Fresh green Aleppo soap can be irritating to the skin.

Contents: approx. 200gr wet weight (may decrease with drying). Hgienically packaged - foil wrapped with banderole. 

Registered in the official and obligatory Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) of the EU with number: CPNP 121 21 22.

Responsible manufacturer: 
SARYANE - Olive et Moi


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Syrian Aleppo soap 80/20 olive oil laurel oil Saryane 200gr Syrian Aleppo soap 80/20 olive oil laurel oil Saryane 200gr
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Syrian Aleppo soap 95/5 Saryane olive oil laurel oil 200gr Syrian Aleppo soap 95/5 Saryane olive oil laurel oil 200gr
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