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Cold pressed olive oil from Spain and Italy shop now cheaper at special tasting price. Organic Olive oils of the best quality directly from the producer. The very special olive oil offer for gourmets with the best price-pleasure ratio.

Spanish and italian olive oils recommended in the olive oil test of various top chefs. Mild and fruity duo 100% organic from sustainable agriculture.

These olive oils have also won several national and international awards. High quality organic olive oil duo offer. One mild and one fruity oliveoil shop now online in our oliveoil shop. Best proce guaranty.

Origin: Spain and Italy

Which olive oil is the best ? The world's best olive oil , in our opinion, there is no such thing. That is a matter of individual taste. However, a test can provide information about whether an oil is very good. For this there are verifiable, chemical analyses, as well as taste panels.

In our assortment you will find only very good olive oils. With this special offer package you will receive a premium set for beginners and professionals with the best price-pleasure ratio. Experience the variety of tastes of the different olive varieties.

If you want to know how very good olive oil tastes, then this tasting set is the right choice.
For you compiled. Best olive oils :

  • High polyphenol content
  • best acidity
  • best peroxide index
  • excellent taste
  • Olive oils from family farms that we know personally

 Included in the set:

1 X De Ortegas ARBEQUINAI organic oliveoil - best mild and balanced olive oil from a selection of the very best olives.

1 X La valle Classico italian organic testwinner oil - fruity balanced olive oil from organic farming from a sustainable and solidarity oil mill.

Excellent for soups, stir-fries, seafood and meat, cold plates and salads. Best also as a dip. Olive oil can also be used for frying.

Basic knowledge olive and everything about olive oil can be found on our special page

Olive oil quality criteria

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This includes the following individual products

De Ortegas Arbequina Olive oil 500 ml
1 bottle(s)
15.45 € / 1 bottle(s) *
Test winner organic olive oil La Valle CLASSICO 500ml
1 bottle(s)
17.95 € / 1 bottle(s) *
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Product Note Status Price
Marchi Balsamico vinegar di Modena IGP Invecchiato Oro 250ml Marchi Balsamico vinegar di Modena IGP Invecchiato Oro 250ml
22.95 € / bottle(s) *
1 l = 91.80 €
Saltverk Arctic Lava Salt 125gr Saltverk Arctic Lava Salt 125gr
7.95 € / pack(s) *
1 kg = 63.60 €
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