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Pink Himalayan Salt in a practical and beautiful jar. Natural rocksalt up from EUR 4.40 shop here online. 

Our Himalayan Crystal Salt from Pakistan is a primal salt. The fine table salt from the Himalayas is a naturally pure, aromatic, pink (containing iron ions) rock salt crystal salt. 


  • medium coarse grain
  • best for the salt mill
  • 100% natural
  • mild taste
  • without chemical additives

Production / Origin: Pink crystal salt or also called Himalayan salt is extracted in Pakistan in an ancient mountain range. Geographically, it is part of the Himalayas, but the mining area is about 250 kilometres away. The 700-metre-high range of hills is bordered to the north by the Indus plain. The salt deposits, which were discovered a good 400 years ago, are millions of years old. In the Lahore salt mining area, also known as the Salt Range, the Khewra Mine is one of the largest in the world. The salt is crystal clear to reddish. Pakistan covers about 70 percent of its international demand with salt mining in the province of Punjab. It is a crystal salt. Over the course of thousands of years, it was formed by the drying up of the primordial oceans. It is also known as primal salt, magic salt, imperial salt, Christ-All salt and natural crystal salt. Alexander the Great is said to have rewarded soldiers on his campaigns with crystal salt rather than coins.

The company: Laybé Especias is a Spanish family business based in Novelda - Alicante, a centre of Spanish spice processing. For over 30 years, the Herrero family has been dedicated to the world of natural, high quality spices and saffron. Driven by the passion for natural flavours and natural food, the aim is to pass this passion on to the customers in the form of pure and unadulterated, authentic products. 

Since there are different varieties and qualities in the world of spices, the Herrero family attaches great importance to transparency and quality. On each package, you can find out the exact origin of the hand-selected LAYBE spices. This care in the selection of the raw materials as well as in the processing and packaging guarantees the best products. 

Taste: The mild aroma gives your dishes a particularly fine taste even when used sparingly. Due to the lower content of table salt, it is much more aromatic and milder than conventional table salts.

CONTENTS : Jar of 230 gr

Excluded from the nutrition declaration !

c/Magallanes, nº6.
03660 Novelda - Alicante


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